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Meet The Team: @TILORE

Name: Tyler Hayward aka Tilore aka Hot Cheeto aka Camera Encyclopedia

City: Toronto

Cameras: Sony A7rii / Contax 645 / Contax G2

On my feet: I was wearing my Nike Infrared 90 Hyperfuses, favourite air max 90.

Tell us about your relationship with sneaker culture: 

I’ve always been interested with what goes on my feet from an early age. My Mom would take me out to the shoe store in our neighbourhood every year before school started and would let me choose my own shoes.

In highschool, I was into playing basketball and running track. I had a fascination with lighter shoes that I thought would help me run faster and would wear my brother’s pumas because they were so light. I was also interested in Tmac’s line of shoes with Adidas but ended up in some Nike 180 mids that destroyed my feet. I always wanted a pair of air force one mids when I walked into footlocker, but I think my mum thought they were too “thuggish” and I ended up with some shox.

In university, I got into breakdancing, which led to me wearing mostly Adidas Gazelle’s and Puma Suede’s. These were the staple silhouettes of b-boys and that’s when I started to really pay attention to footwear again. I started reading sneaker blogs and found some rare New Balance collaborations I had never seen before and started to hunt down a few pairs and my interest in runners haven’t stopped since then.


What does #teamcozy mean to you:

For me, cozy culture started as just that. We were a bunch of kids that had an interest in footwear and comfortable clothing; it was as simple as that.  It was a combination of the fashion aesthetic along with the interest in making images and exploring our city.  This was when tech fleece was first introduced and I remember it being incredibly hard to track down, unlike how accessible it is now. It took me a while to get my hands on a small sweater and pants from sportcheck and our small nike running store and I remember Elie doing the same. Then we’d explore the city taking photos together. This is going to sound silly now, but tech fleece and flyknit were really the embodiment of team cozy. It was practical, functional, had a technical form and kept us comfortable while shooting all day and night.

Tell us about Soletraits & some of the other content you will be sharing with the Cozy Community:

I’ve started a series locally entitled Soletraits. It’s a portrait series I’m creating that involves asking a person, “If you could only keep one pair from your collection, which would it by and why?” and then following up and shooting the person and the shoes and compiling them into a series all shot on film. The purpose of this project was to really look at the culture and bring it back to the sneakers and just a single pair of sneakers with a story. None of this reselling, or raffles or new releases, just people and a pair of sneakers they like.

In addition to this, I plan to be lending my camera knowledge to the team by creating camera reviews, photo related articles and fielding technical questions.

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You are the self proclaimed walking camera encyclopaedia, tell us about your history in photography:

Growing up, I read National Geographic (and by read, I mean look at all of the photos), which I still have a subscription to. I thought that I might grow up and become a National Geographic photographer and travel the world shooting wild life. Ha.

I started to get into photography in Grade 11 and have been shooting for almost 8 years now. I remember asking my parents for a DSLR for my birthday, because I had researched what kind of cameras could take better quality photos than our sony point and shoots and I had always wondered how ads made the background blurry which has led to my obsession with portraits and bokeh. I had a choice between a Nikon D80 or the Canon Rebel XSI. I ended up choosing the Canon and since that day, I’ve had an insatiable need to learn all I can about photography and cameras. Like most people now, I never went to school or took classes for photography, but it was the one art form with me that clicked. I can’t draw or paint for the life of me and photography was my one outlet to express myself and keep me busy throughout highschool and university.

Cameras are fascinating devices and I love all of the different types of styles, formats, lenses and manufacturers that are out there producing different types of images. I read everything I can online, countless numbers of blogs and watch camera reviews most nights to this day.  I love trying new types of cameras and see how they help me see and shoot things differently. I enjoy shooting mostly film for my personal work and digital for jobs. It’s taken me a while to find what I’m most comfortable with. I’ve carried a camera on me everyday for the past 4 years, not wanting to regret missing a shot and then Instagram happened.


Instagram – @tilore

Tumblr –

Soletraits –



Silas & Reggie met on December 12th, 2013 at HYPEBEAST headquarters in Hong Kong.

During this visit there were many similar values shared between the pair. One of those being the love for everything cozy. During that time, we were trolling one another’s sneaker pictures on Instagram by over-enthusiastically proclaiming how “COZY” the sneakers and sweats were.


From there, we decided to create @team_cozy for the fun of it. We created language for anyone who were comfort enthusiasts, automatically it all became #teamcozy. Our team was assembled slowly over time, and kids from all over the world were tagging #teamcozy and submitting high-quality sneaker imagery. Toronto was a big player, where we came across Jamal, Elie, Tyler, and Q. Later on Johnny & Michael from Chicago jumped on board. We were a large global community of photographers that loved sneakers, fashion, and all things cozy.

In this internet-driven day and age, none of us actually ever met face-to-face, it was always over the web. A few of us met briefly individually, but never as a whole team. Our homies at Street Dreams Magazine kindly invited us all to their Toronto event on May 30th, 2015 with Highsnobiety and Explore Canada. The entire #teamcozy group gathered for the first time, and it was cozy in a legendary way.

Since then we have set up in Los Angeles to design and create teamcozy’s forthcoming clothing line. As creatives in photography, video, web design, 3D and music our team is maturing into a creative agency that goes far beyond Instagram, where the concept started.

We have so much love for our cozy community. 

Stay tuned for updates and more stories from our team.